Tetiana Kolesnykova,
Director of the Scientific Library
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies ,
PhD in Social Sciences (Communication), Senior researcher

Dear readers, friends and partners, mentors and students, volunteers and sponsors!
Our library welcome you hospitably to a vast world of information and knowledge.
We invite you to take advantages (real and virtual) of unique collections of books, periodicals, normative – technical and special types of literature, thematically oriented electronic databases and information retrieval systems. You can use a wide range of the Library and information services and the services of publishing activities. We offer you a tolerant platforms for discussions and presentations of creative projects, Wi / Fi-zone throughout the library, a media room for learning the basics of information culture and an experimental laboratory for research in the field of social communications ...
The mission of Scientific and Technical Library is the most efficient, comfortable and qualitative information needs satisfaction of the university communities in education, scientific research, teaching and administrative practice.
The strategic goal of the Scientific and Technical Librariy is to be a center of integrated informational support in educational and scientific processes, as well as the university culturological activity.
The main Library activity characteristic is the definition of intelligent informational technologies with strategic vector of its functioning, ideologeme of its development and existence precondition.
These principles of development and activity have contributed the creation of the university Library innovative model. - "Library - Information Intelligence Center", which ensures the capability creation of equal user access to documents, information and knowledge in order to improve the effectiveness of DNURT in training of highly intellectual specialists and conduct qualitative scientific research.
Innovative Library of our University has formed a new philosophy which comprehends (taking into account increasing virtualization of communication with the readers) the concept of free access to information as a system of distributed informational resources based on the network technology.

Cognize the world, communicate, learn, create together with the library!

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