1. Acquisition Department
  2. Scientific Processing and Catalogue Organization Department
  3.  Information and Bibliographic Department with the sector:
    • Sector of Information and Library-Bibliographic User Training
  4. Library and Information Technologies Department with the sectors:
    • Sector of Information Analytics
    • Sector of Computer Support
  5. Study Materials Service Department with the sectors:
    • Circulation Department for students of 1 - 6courses
    • Reading Room
    • Library Stack
  6. Scientific Literature Service Department with the sectors:
    • Scientific Literature Circulation Department
    • Foreign Literature Circulation Department
    • Reading Room
    • Media Room
    • Library Stack
  7.  Humanities and Economic Literature Service Department
    • Fiction Circulation Department
    • Humanities and Economic Literature Reading Room
  8.  Library Branch in Lviv with circulation department and reading room