for the scientific library use

Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies



1. Basic provisions
1.2. Library is an informational, scientific, educational, cultural, university department, which has the ordered fund of documents, access to other sources of information and the main task of it is to provide information, research, educational, cultural and other needs of library users.
1.4. The library is free.

2. The rights and obligations of users
2.1. The right to use the library have students, graduate students, academic and scientific-pedagogical employees and employees of the university. Representatives of various enterprises, organizations and institutions, users of other higher education institutions are served only in the reading rooms.
2.2. Library users are entitled:
- to use the information on the composition of library collections through reference and search engine library;
- to get advice on finding and selecting sources of information;
- to receive loan documents from the library;
- to be serviced on subscriptions, in the reading and media rooms of libraries;
- to be serviced remotely by telecommunication means;
- to post their own research papers in institutional repositories "eaDNURT";
- to receive information from digital archives of scientific and scientific-educational institutions of the world, which is in the public domain;
- to use all kinds of reference services;
- to obtain information from other libraries using the communication channels;
- to work in local and global information networks;
- to use Wi-Fi technology in equipped areas;
- to obtain the necessary documents on interlibrary loan;
- to participate in reading conferences, seminars, literary and musical evenings, debates and other activities that are hold by the library;
- to participate in the Library Board.
2.3. Library user must read " Rules for the use of scientific and technical library" and confirm their commitment of his signature.
2.4. While receiving the literature user must carefully look through it. In case of defects - report to librarian, who must make the publication of relevant service mark.
2.5. Users must be careful with the literature obtained from the library, return it to the appointed time, not carry out the literature from the library if they are not written down in the readers' form or other filings, not to make any marks, not to pull out and not earmark pages, not mar barcodes, not remove cards from catalogs and card indexes, not disorder the funds in the departments of public access.
2.6. Responsibility for spoiled literature bears someone who used it last.
2.7. Users who have caused the library fund losses bear the material, administrative responsibility in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.
2.8. The person who lost or damaged documents from the Library, or caused them irreparable harm, must replace them under the same library or recognized equivalent. Monetary compensation is set at market prices in force on the date of settlement. When the loss is especially valuable for library books if the nominal value of the lost (damaged), well below the actual literature, the method of calculation and its multiplicity is determined separately for each library edition, depending on its value.
2.13. In the summer holidays, students should return to the library all the received books.
2.14. At the beginning of each school year, students must rewrite literature. Scientific, research and teaching staff and university staff pass rewrite at the beginning of each calendar year. This should show all the literature that are in them, and extend (if necessary) use of the term.
2.15. Users who graduated from university, bachelor, master, Institute of Postgraduate Education, graduate school, to have a diploma or other educational documents with a library full pay, surrender your membership card and sign a bypass list for all outlets literature.
2.16. Users must take good care of the property library.
2.17. Users are responsible for the unauthorized use of a library and purchased electronic databases and other intellectual property under the laws of Ukraine.
2.20. Violation of "Library Policy", you disqualified from the library available from one month to one year. Materials abuse by individuals "Library Policy" referred to the deans of faculties, union organizing, KSSM, university department.

3. The entry procedure to the library
3.1. Conditions of entry to the library:
- Full-time students register in the electronic database of library users according to the order of enrollment through an electronic database of the University (in some cases, registration takes place individually in the presence of current student ID and photos (if necessary));
- to research and teaching staff and university staff for a record to the library it is necessary to give an official certification actual in a current year, or certificate from the personnel department and photograph;
- Graduate students submit Student ID and photograph;
- Distance learning students submit student ID and serviced only by student ID;
-the employees of university, that work holding two jobs and does not have a certification of worker of university, give a passport and served in reading-rooms;
-the users of other higher educational establishments, representatives of different enterprises, organizations and establishments, give a passport and served only in reading-rooms.
3.3. For service in the automated mode a user must additionally report an electronic address and pin telephone number.
3.4. On the basis of the given documents to the user a reader ticket is given out.
3.5. It is forbidden to pass a reader ticket to other persons, and also to use a stranger reader ticket.

4. The order of the lending libraries and reading halls using
4.3. The users receive the textbooks in the lending libraries for the term or for an academic year in number which corresponds to the curriculum, but not more than 25 copies for a person. After the end of this term the users return the received literature in corpore.
4.4. Scientific literature is received by the users within a month in number of:
- 10-15 copies- for the faculty, the doctoral candidates and the postgraduate students;
- from 1 to 10 copies - for the writers of the university degree and the members of the students’ organization;
- from 1 to 5 copies - for other categories of the users.
4.6. The users receive the rare and valuable documents, the albums, the atlases, the reference books, the manuals, the reference documentation, the individual copies, the keen demand documents, the editions on the electronic data medium and the documents sent with the help of MBA only in the reading rooms.
4.8. During an hour in the media-room the users have an opportunity:
- to work with the Internet free of charge (to attend the social sites is forbidden);
- to get acquainted with the library electronic resources;
- to use the electronic catalogue and the electronic card of the periodicals;
- to search for information in acquired database (LEAGUE-LAW,EBSCO etc);
- to attend the virtual “Gallery of creative work”;
- to receive the electronic editions of the methodical instructions, the textbooks, the authors’ summaries, the theses, the articles from the foreign-language periodicals on the assumption of the authors’ rights conservation;
- to get acquainted with the rare and valuable editions of the project “Railway Ukraine” (the electronic version).

5. The library servicing duties
5.1.The library forms its funds according to the needs of the educational, methodical, scientific and research and cultural and educative work.
5.2.It realizes an accounting, rational organization and using of its funds and organizes an access to the acquired information resources and the information Internet resources.
5.3.It realizes the literary, information and bibliography servicing of the users, provides with the full effective satisfaction of the scientific, educational, methodical literature and fiction needs.
5.4.It organizes and leads the reference and bibliography device, carries out the all kinds of bibliography reference, organizes and conducts the bibliography review, realizes the information sending etc
5.5.It gives the references about the situation of providing with the educational literature. 5.6.It organizes the books exhibitions, the days of information, the days of departments, the conferences, the musical and literary gathering, the debates and some other library measures.
5.7.It provides with the high cultural level of servicing of the users, creates the comfortable atmosphere for work with the different sources of information.
5.11. It provides users with exhaustive information about their own information resources, provides access to other databases.
5.12. It participates in the creation of sectional and regional databases.
5.13. Enhances the abilities of users in getting the information through the use of MBA, local, national and international information networks.
5.14. Provides users with information about all types of library services at the library website
5.15. It holds among the users the work on spreading knowledge of the foundations of information culture, working with information.
5.16. It helps promote the printed book as the main source of spiritual and intellectual development of personality and culture of reading.
5.17. Provides users with methodological and practical assistance to sign and arrange their own libraries, collections of books and other documents.
5.19. Monitors systematically the timely return to the library issued documents.
5.20. Provides a high level of users service, through continuous improvement of professional and cultural level of librarians.